It’s just that I am         an adventurer

& I cannot change my course & also

I ate your rainbow         trout after learning

something new about rainbow trout.

I can’t give you up,         I don’t want to.

I’ve never been on dry land

before.         What would move me?

Like they always say, I am going nowhere

in particular         & who wants to

have sex with me in this canoe?

Once I did not drink anything but water.

It feels different         saying that to you.

& then I was apart from all bones

in my stomach.         I was like you.

Then I captured & killed your water

& was confirmed         as more than viscous. 

River, are you listening to me as I speak to you

from this vessel?         From inside where I am

dry & what is it like to have wet feelings?

Do you wish I could change?         I can change.

Look, I’m already paddling toward shore.