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Poetry By Kristina Erny


Poetry By Erik Brockbank

Lab Notebook

Poetry By Andrew Payton

Emission as Light

Fiction By Curt Saltzman

How the Stars Are Born

Fiction By Travis Dahlke

Grey, Gray Hair

Fiction By Jonathan Rose

Pledge Break

Fiction By Jack Sullivan


Fiction By Katie Lynn Johnson

The In-Between

Fiction By Cameron Brindise


Poetry By Julián David Bañuelos

We Were Born

Poetry By Jacob Griffin Hall

The Waves

Poetry By Jill Mceldowney

Lemon Tree

Poetry By Ryan Dzelzkalns


Poetry By Michael Agunbiade

Before your body must fly

Poetry By Trenton Pollard

Spring Snow

Poetry By Madisen Gummer

Latent Prints

Poetry By Hannah Joyce


Fiction By Elliott Thornton

A Plan to Get My Life Together

Fiction By Jared Hanson

My Life on the Streets

Poetry By RC Davis

At Rehab

Poetry By Prosper C. Ìféányí


Poetry By Michael Ricketti


Fiction By J. Christopher Fisher

Tidal Lock

Nonfiction By A. Kathryn Davis

For Good


Poetry By Madelyn Musick

Lonely in Lowry Hill

Poetry By Amanda Gómez Sánchez


queer ancestor(s)

Nonfiction By Christian P. Harrington

Eat My Wheat

Poetry By Stephen S. Mills

Final Boy Plans to Save All the Dark-Haired Boys of Crystal Lake

Poetry By Eloise Schultz

Kind of Blue

Poetry By Ariel Friedman

Happy ending

Fiction By Faith Ryan

I Remember Pat Kelly,

The Story of a Little Grape

Nonfiction By Bridget Rohde

The Cache Pot and Tulips

Poetry By Megan Merchant

Half Step

Poetry By Carlota Gamboa

After Pizarnik

Poetry By Robin Gow

Roller Rink Ghosts

Fiction By Ann Harper Reed


Poetry By Emma Fuchs

Blues at the edge of the parking lot

Poetry By Stephen Ira

"The seagulls have no dignity."

Poetry By Ben Kassoy


Fiction By Sam Schieren

In Between

Nonfiction By SG Huerta

Candy People Explode When They Get Scared

Poetry By Kyra Spence

Asked why I came, I think,

Poetry By Marina Hope Wilson

The Curve

Poetry By Meg Peters

Not home, other places

Fiction By Autumn L. Duke

Personal Effects

Fiction By Kristin FitzPatrick

The Abortionist’s Wife

Poetry By Kristen Tetzlaff

Messiah in the Water

Poetry By James Kelly Quigley

On the Loose

Poetry By Shirley Stephenson


Fiction By Rachel Attias

The Legs

Fiction By Michael Neal Morris

Above All Things

Fiction By Gordon Haber

I Pity the Fool

Fiction By Jennifer Blackman

Lady Dorothy Townshend Is Descending the Stairs

Fiction By Alissia J.R. Lingaur

Nine Months

Fiction By Thomas Kearnes

Blanche Devereaux Won’t Leave the Backyard

Fiction By Amali Gordon-Buxbaum

Everybody Knows a Good Jazz Club in the Village

Poetry By Emily Zogbi

Dream Cataclysm,


Poetry By Andrea Syzdek


Poetry By Lucia Morello

Driving Home

Poetry By Julia Laxer

Behind God's Back

Poetry By Josh Gaydos

Water Lilies, Lurching on the Canoe

Poetry By Jeremy Radin

Why the Great Silence

Poetry By Noor Khashe Brody

Proof of Living

Poetry By J.P. White

You There in Bed Still Sleeping

Fiction By Brendan Todt

What Little Present He Could Give Her

Nonfiction By Fay Sachpatzidis

Aunt Bank

Poetry By Augusta Funk

Color Study

Poetry By Jennifer Whalen

The Beginning

Fiction By Dan Tremaglio

All Forgotten Great Ideas,

Saint Patty's Day Parade

Fiction By John Minichillo

House Arrest


Poetry By Sera Gamble

A Long Walk in the City

Poetry By Foolan Flopez

Your Boyfriend Reminds Me of a Male Anglerfish

Fiction By Melissa Ostrom

A Future

Fiction By Natali Petricic

Mama Says

Nonfiction By Christopher Rivas

Pretend, Just Pretend

Nonfiction By Abby Hagler

A Letter to My Great-Grandmother Upon Reading Her Astrological Birthchart

Nonfiction By Mary Zelinka

My Magnificent Feet

Nonfiction By Toti O'Brien

Wear and Tear

Poetry By Stephanie Lane Sutton

Self-Portrait at 33

Poetry By Meghan Sterling

Father the Father

Fiction By Jesus Francisco Sierra

The Terms of Marvin's Truth

Nonfiction By Molly Reitman

The Whole World

Poetry By Josh Mahler

The Edge of Sleep

Poetry By L Henry Farrell

Acres and Acres for Cows Without Names

Fiction By Andrew Bertaina

Out West

Fiction By Bradley Barrett


Poetry By Tola Sylvan


Poetry By Maxine Patroni

I Am Speaking to You, Nobody,

It's What I've Loved That Kills Me

Fiction By Aidan O'Brien

The Postponement

Nonfiction By Zachary Hourihane

The Fire Ant Fiend

Poetry By Devonaire Ortiz

Around Me, Hundreds of Prospective Lovers

Poetry By John Salimbene


Poetry By Amy Williams

Love Story

Fiction By Michael Anthony

The Hawk

Fiction By Ben Roth

Rebecca Rebecca

Poetry By Lucille Walker

Everything Is Not Fine Right Now

Poetry By Elijah Rushing Hayes

Lost Field Guide

Poetry By Molly Zhu

After it was all over

Fiction By Andy Bodinger

A Shattered Bone

Fiction By Steven Long

After Netflix Binge, You Have to Make Your Own Fun

Poetry By Kelly R. Samuels


Poetry By Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí

Lay Me Down

Fiction By Yvonne Nguyen

Being Seen

Nonfiction By Bea Chang

All the Time in the World

Poetry By Mara Beneway

Girl in Five Parts

Poetry By David Wojciechowski

Something We Remember

Poetry By Michelle Moncayo

Dispatch from the Psych Ward: 02

Poetry By Tyler Raso

Material History of the Closet [Axe]

Poetry By Dale Cottingham

The Possible

Poetry By Lauren Hilger


Poetry By Derek JG Williams


Fiction By Meredith Sullivan

October 5th, 6:12 PM, Bennetsville

Nonfiction By Brinda Gulati

Dilli Meri Jaan

Poetry By Bessie Flores Zaldívar

Please Be Okay (Summer Prayers)

Poetry By Nick Martino

What It Holds

Fiction By Ruyi Wen


Fiction By Sam Wiles

Frank on a Plane


Poetry By Angelina Martin

Save me in your phone as ‘this one simple trick’

Poetry By Korey Hurni

Strawberry Peak

Fiction By Kaitlyn San Miguel


Nonfiction By John Carr Walker


Poetry By Jasmine Ledesma

Green Taxi

Poetry By Kallie Falandays


Fiction By Caitlin Vance Stephens


Poetry By Marti Irving

Object Impermanence

Poetry By Talia Gordon


Fiction By Christine DeCarlo

Indra's Eyes

Poetry By Lesle Lewis

excerpt from Long Life

Poetry By E. Kristin Anderson

I've Been Numb

Poetry By Alex Sarrigeorgiou

Poem in the Manner of Frank O’Hara

Fiction By Ryan Shane Lopez

One Talented Cat

Poetry By Jon Lemay


Poetry By Eric Tyler Benick

Fox Hunt

Fiction By Hadley Griggs


Nonfiction By Danielle Gillespie

Instructions for Care and Use

Poetry By Eric Tran

Poem Starting with Underwear and Ending with Ghost

Poetry By Michael Aurelio

The First Thing Written in Two Years

Poetry By Simon Perchik

The wet-paint sign stays behind...

Fiction By Abigail Oswald

Celestial Mechanics

Fiction By Eleanor Howell


Poetry By Reina Skye Nelson

Love Consumption

Poetry By Eric Morales-Franceschini

Aesthetic Theory

Poetry By Elise Tobin Samaha

How the Moon Can Stop the World from Ending

Poetry By Anhvu Buchanan

The Way Out Is Clear

Poetry By beatriz yanes martinez

The Moon’s Sisters

Poetry By Lucy Hayes

What I Almost Knew a Year Ago

Poetry By Alan Chazaro

California Roll

Poetry By Samantha Melamed

Good Morning, From a Dark Night

Fiction By Michelle Hollander

The Rub

Fiction By Will Finlayson

Last of the Genghar,

Bomb Shelter

Poetry By Brittany Adames

Yesterday, like Honey

Poetry By Liv Ryan

The Day Begins with Garbage Trucks

Poetry By Brian Chander Wiora

Egg Salad

Nonfiction By Daien Guo

Chamber Music

Nonfiction By TJ Acena

Be Someone Else


Poetry By Ben Seanor

Michael Collins

Poetry By Emily Jalloul


Poetry By Ryan Rattliff

You Find God. You Find God.

Poetry By Grace Day

Falling Knives Have No Handles

Fiction By Leah De Forest


Fiction By Beth Shirley

The Amazing Gonzo

Fiction By David Bersell


Fiction By Josh Boardman

Fancy Feast

Poetry By Emma Aylor

Time Change

Poetry By Alexandra Munck

April Apples

Fiction By Maggie Mumford


Fiction By Christina Drill

The Goddess Isis (Just the Head)

Poetry By Amanda Peery-Wolf

The River Almost Arrives in the City,


Fiction By Evan Steuber

The Fall

Nonfiction By Brittany Ackerman

Blue Movies

Poetry By Jonathan Aprea

Inside the Box in My Yard ,

To Be Above Ground

Poetry By Njoku Nonso

Rhapsody in Weight

Fiction By Hayleigh Santra

Gate Springs Community

Poetry By Ren Wong


Fiction By Natalie Mesnard

Third Eye

Nonfiction By Sarah Carson

Field Notes for the Interrogation of Johnny S., Bully of 6th Grade Advanced Math

Poetry By Rory Kennett-Lister

Three kinds of apple,

Light it up forever

Poetry By Jesse Miksic

Foot Bridge as Bowstring

Fiction By Laura Perkins

Among Dead Things

Poetry By Amanda Leahy

You said: Tell me the story of the name of the world

Poetry By Mark Parsons


Poetry By Marie López

Sitting Calm

Fiction By Daniel Larkins

What You Were Made For

Poetry By Kimberly Lambright

Regular Ground

Poetry By Brennan Bogert

The Abandonarium

Nonfiction By Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Oakley Man

Fiction By Anitha Ahmed

The Thieves’ Bazaar

Poetry By Natalie Rose Richardson


Poetry By Jordan Ranft

The Poet Finds Himself Quieted Suddenly

Poetry By Joshua Garcia

creation lesson

Poetry By Jamie Townsend

I Muffle Your Inner Choir

Poetry By Tim Duffy


Poetry By Claudia Delfina Cardona

Under Blue Light at El Luchador Bar

Poetry By Jill Mceldowney


Poetry By Matthew Carlin


Fiction By Marguerite Alley

The Way It Goes

Poetry By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

This lonely night is not a reflection of the moon, and

Poetry By Josette Akresh-Gonzales

Meleke, the Royal Stone, a White Coarse Crystalline Limestone

Fiction By Lara Longo

We All Tremble

Fiction By Courtney Causey

Fish Dreams

Poetry By nicole v basta

when i say my partner, i mean Anxiety

Poetry By Abbie Kiefer

On Grey's Anatomy, a Woman Dies of Cancer

Fiction By Nicole Haroutunian


Nonfiction By Ellen Anderson Penno

The Things that Haunt Us


Poetry By Alyssandra Tobin

Raptor Trust

Poetry By Lauren Burgess

I Requires Compensation

Fiction By Nell Schwed

Tell Me, I Want to Know

Poetry By Christopher Riesco

Pavesas, Azucar

Poetry By Catherine Weiss

In the Pre-Op Room

Fiction By Reid Doughten

King of a Hundred Valleys

Poetry By Meagan Washington

ode to waiting

Poetry By Curtis Perdue

The Facts Aren’t Working

Poetry By Janelle Tan

I Don't Know What Will End First: Us, or My Visa

Fiction By Brandon Kreitler

Art and World

Poetry By Theo LeGro

Dead People

Poetry By Doug Ramspeck

Thank You, the Sex Shop Is Closed

Fiction By Wesley O. Cohen

How August Could Have Gone

Fiction By Socorro Venegas

The Sweet Smell of a Cornered Creature

Poetry By Olatunde Osinaike

Like a Million Sunsets on Bootleg

Poetry By Jordan Deveraux

Three Rolls of Scotch Packing Tape and an Incomplete Synopsis

Fiction By Benjamin Henry DeVries

Red Zipper Gate

Nonfiction By Melissa Wiley

The Wolves of Yellowstone

Poetry By Paloma Yannakakis

Ordinary Grief

Poetry By Ron Riekki

My Panic Attacks

Poetry By Tara Boswell-Ramirez

I've worked my whole life

Nonfiction By Adrian Silbernagel

A Thicker Skin

Fiction By Keene Short

All Good Things

Fiction By Jacquelyn Stolos


Poetry By Christine Larusso

Cell Death

Poetry By Caitland Conley


Poetry By CAConrad

Silhouette of Whisper,

Bathe The Door With Blood Of The Centaur

Nonfiction By Erich Brumback

Monologue at Arlington National Cemetery

Fiction By TR Brady

Some Morning

Poetry By Jack Meriwether


Poetry By Ariel Kusby

If I Open

Poetry By Yuan Changming


Fiction By Genevieve Thurtle

An Alternate Universe of Love

Nonfiction By Denise Tolan

Things That Go Boom

Interview with Jac Jemc

Accessing the Narrative Imagination: An Interview with Jac Jemc conducted by Tonissa Saul

Note From Cat Richardson

About This Issue

Note From Arden Levine

A Statement From Our Guest Editor

Poetry By Sahar Muradi


Poetry By Meg Yardley

Ninth Planet

Poetry By Rico Frederick

Not Done, Just Through

Poetry By Carrie Conners

Adaptation: Geophagia IX

Poetry By Safia Jama

Eating in My Sleep

Poetry By Barbara Schwartz


Poetry By Abigail Wender

Time and Map

Poetry By Josh Ruffin


Poetry By Gabriel Welsch

November 9

Poetry By Dana McKenna and Ben Clark

The light is right, so

Fiction By Elizabeth Mayer


Poetry By Frankie Concepcion

The hardest part of leaving is the wait

Poetry By Terrance Owens

The Learning

Fiction By Sarah Silberman


Nonfiction By Claire Drown

Green Like Ivy

Poetry By Christie Towers

Dark, Dark,

Poetry By Kat Finch

What We Talk About When We Talk About Ghosts

Fiction By Siobhan Welch

If Rick Were My Dad and We Lived in La Porte


Poetry By Kelly Weber


Poetry By Jason Harris

Gratitude for the way we make it work

Poetry By Chris Castro-Rappl


Fiction By Stephen Morrow

A Collection of Stories

Poetry By Gavin Gao

Self-Portrait as Boy

Poetry By Wimpy AF

from "what plants taught me about being sober"

Poetry By Alexandra Egan

Into the Breach

Fiction By Lindsey Baker

All the Blue

Poetry By Kathleen Hellen


Poetry By Hannah Srajer

Adele Bloch Bauer

Poetry By Karen Pittelman

Bill Withers and the End of the World,

Good News About Black Holes

Fiction By Daniel DiStasio

Mr. Sheffield Has Left This World

Poetry By Hannah Aizenman

Small Talk

Poetry By Caroline Cabrera

The marriage bed is ripe for dreaming

Poetry By Angela Qian

My Uncle the Magician

Fiction By Nicholas A. White

The Pleasure Island Club

Fiction By Lily Ray Darling

After Paris, Texas

Poetry By Davy Knittle

wrong sway

Poetry By Nicole Connolly

Or Was It the Drippings

Poetry By Edward Manzi

Simulation Theory

Poetry By Victoria Le

The Center

Nonfiction By Natalie Sharp

On Barbery

Poetry By Matthew Lippman

Someone Will Love You Many Times

Poetry By Janelle DolRayne

30th Birthday

Poetry By Madeline Gilmore

C o n e y I s l a n d

Fiction By Brigitte Brkic


Poetry By Emily Barton Altman

With Maps,

from Disassemblage

Poetry By Brendan Lorber

Are you god? A checklist

Poetry By Michelle Labedz

i swear we were young,

deep time

Fiction By Jennifer Fliss

Losing the House in D Minor

Poetry By Carol Dorf

These Questions Aim at Suitable Variation,

Gallery Notes

Poetry By Kirsten Shu-ying Chen

Obscenities Are Make-Believe,

Mapping My Mother

Fiction By Georgie Newson

Piano Concerto

Poetry By Tyler Atwood


Poetry By Koval Bhatia

A Ballad of Care

Fiction By Jon Conley

If You Listen Long Enough

Nonfiction By Jenne Knight

My Father's Name

Poetry By William Ward Butler

Act of God,

E Pluribus Unum

Poetry By Zain Aslam



Poetry By Tara Mae Mulroy


Fiction By Sara Schaff

The All Clear


Fiction By Beth Adelman

The Evacuation of Armaments

Fiction By Adam Gnuse

Love Story

Poetry By Kanyinsola Olorunnisola

In my country, we are all crossdressers

Poetry By Georgy Cohen


Fiction By Daniela Czarny


Poetry By Marco Yan


Poetry By Justin Davis

Funeral Chicken,


Poetry By Nick Mangigian

The Shower

Fiction By Jean-Luc Bouchard


Poetry By Adina Schoem

Copper Cage,

the mountain lion

Poetry By Julia Wohlstetter

Clean Lines,

Under the bed

Fiction By Pritha Bhattacharyya

The House on Para Street

Poetry By Barbara Tramonte

Should I care?

Poetry By Dacota Pratt-Pariseau

The Art of Survival,

True Love,


Poetry By Cassie Duggan

Rabbit Logic

Fiction By Neil Serven

Potatoes in Minutes

Poetry By Zaphra Stupple


Poetry By Arsh Haque


Leo Pearl

Poetry By Kelly Gemmill

The Weather of Lovable Women

Fiction By Tara Isabel Zambrano

The distance between us,

A dotted line

Fiction By Christopher DeWan

The Signal

Fiction By Kate Doyle

That Is Shocking

Fiction By Ron Riekki


Poetry By John Andrews


Poetry By Elizabeth Onusko

I'm Having A Sally Field Moment

Poetry By Maya Catherine Popa

A Kind of Becoming

Poetry By Ginna Luck

And Here I Am Crying Over the Darkness of My Own Pocket

Poetry By Jenny Gillespie Mason

It Stems

Poetry By Diannely Antigua


Fiction By Stephen V. Ramey

Global Warming

Nonfiction By Lee Taylor


Interview with Jay Deshpande

Jay Deshpande and Diannely Antigua in Conversation

Interview with Tracy O'Neill

Tracy O’Neill and Stephen V. Ramey in Conversation

Poetry By Tingyu Liu


Poetry By Michael Brown Jr.


Poetry By Sophie Herron



Fiction By Elizabeth Allen

Northern Suburbs Crematorium

Fiction By Alex Sniatkowski



Poetry By Micaela Cameron


Poetry By Laura Brun

today i am an old windsock and strappy sandals

Poetry By Darren C. Demaree

Alumni #106,

Alumni #107

Fiction By Ana Reyes

The Bear Theory

Poetry By Chanti Burnette

Lies My Body

Poetry By Jenessa Abrams


Poetry By Rachel Voss

The week David Bowie died and I didn’t win Powerball

Fiction By Daniel Oz

Flash Fables

Nonfiction By Shelly R. Fredman

Plating the Warm Vegetable Salad

Poetry By Melissa Newman-Evans



Poetry By Isabelle Shepherd

The Art of Printmaking,

Strange Angel

Fiction By Michelle Ross

Feng Shui

Poetry By Nancy Huang

Circadian Rhythm

Poetry By Mariama J. Lockington


Poetry By Warren Joseph Fong

Living with Others,

“A woman walks into an open cabinet…”

Fiction By Emily Temple

A Clean Egg

Poetry By Nicholas Fuenzalida


It’s Always Afternoon in the Hills

Poetry By Jackson Holbert


Fiction By Benjamin Newgard

Treasure of the Lake

Poetry By José Vadi

“Rodney King Isn’t Candyman”

Poetry By Trinity Tibe



Fiction By Tim Raymond


Poetry By Julia Mounsey


The World,


Poetry By Scott Stoller


Poetry By Justin Runge


Nonfiction By Jean Ferruzola

Hasta Siempre

Poetry By Kasey Elizabeth Johnson

Inherent Zero,

Crow Court

Poetry By Carlina Duan

Picking Raspberries with Adam

Poetry By Alisha Kaplan

An Animorph Takes to the Sky,

To despise myself is not so simple

Fiction By Rob Yates

The Merry King

Poetry By Jen Levitt

The Aggressiveness of Sex Crushes Me,

Me at the End

Poetry By Leila Ortiz

Weight of Heart

Poetry By Michael Brokos

First Light

Fiction By Leah Jane Esau


Poetry By sam sax

Late Twenties,

Moth Story

Poetry By Tim Craven

When the Moon Is out in the Daytime

Poetry By Nicholas Oliver Moore

Vault Tourists

Fiction By Joshua Britton

Sweet Gum Tree


Poetry By Heather Cox

I believe in regret...,

Remember the 80s?...

Poetry By Raymond Farr

Emotionally Unavailable Sitcom Guy,

Unless Someone Reaches Out & Touches Him

Nonfiction By Casey O'Malley

Lenin for Breakfast

Fiction By Carmen Petaccio


Poetry By Lillian Kwok


Vena Saphena Magna,


Poetry By Woodrow Hightower


Poetry By Alec Hershman


Fiction By Jason Reynolds

Blood Pudding

Fiction By Maxim Loskutoff

Hideous Men

Poetry By Brandon Jordan Brown


Poetry By Ethan Mackey

Birthday Party,

Searching for Memory,


Poetry By Chelsea Werner-Jatzke

Controversial Fossil

Fiction By Rachel Kolman

Madder Red

Poetry By Rachel Lake

The Woods Outback,

Last Night I Heard the Mollusks,

From Water

Poetry By Rachel J. Bennett

For the Programmer

Poetry By Laura Creste

No Hunting

Fiction By Zach VandeZande


Poetry By Noah Dversdall

Diagram of a Sunken Ship

Poetry By Danny Ross

I See You, Rattlesnake,


Poetry By Holly Amos

Luminescence in Contrast,

Specific Motion

Fiction By E.D. Watson

Mardi Gras

Poetry By Megan Merchant

Tall Pines

Poetry By Amy Hayes


Letter to Chris V.

Poetry By Andrew Koch

Year of the Cedar

Fiction By Christine Hennessey


Poetry By Donald Illich

Ten Fingers

Poetry By A.J. Collins

Civilized Fruit

Poetry By Peter Giebel

Object to Diagram

Fiction By Eric Barnes

Forgotten Places

Poetry By Lesle Lewis

The Water Moves the Sheets,

In the Inn,

In 100 Years

Poetry By Ruth Baumann

The Lovers (VI)

Poetry By Sarah Levine

In the House of My Body Something Must Burn

Poetry By Vanessa Couto Johnson


Poetry By Adam Hughes

Driving Through the Blue Ridge, Talking to Myself

Poetry By Arthur Seefahrt

The Kettle,

On the Borderline

Poetry By Willis Plummer


Poetry By Kamden Hilliard

There is an endless supply of perfectly cooked eggs somewhere

Fiction By Kristin Griffin

The Keeper

Poetry By Sarah Ann Winn

Magritte, at Night

Poetry By J. Adam Collins


Poetry By Jeremy Radin

Poems from DEAR SAL,

Poems from DEAR SAL

Fiction By Joe Worthen


Poetry By Arden Levine

Eulogy Following a Triple Homicide

Poetry By Mario Alejandro Ariza

Gideon's Bible,

Brother, please.,

All Grace is false

Poetry By Elisabeth Reidy Denison

An Excerpt from "To the Place Where I'm From, To the Gunpowder in Its Ground"

Fiction By Marcela Fuentes


Fiction By Elizabeth Schmuhl



Poetry By Tafisha A. Edwards

Between the State Sanctioned Murder of Your Son and Mine

Poetry By Nikki-Lee Birdsey

Day's Red

Fiction By Melissa Duclos

The Rabbit-Goats

Poetry By Erin Mullikin

The Braiding

Poetry By Jeffrey Allen


in playgrounds

Poetry By Hannah Lyles


Fiction By RL Goldberg

Houdini in Jerusalem

Poetry By Joanna Valente

You Are the Universe

Poetry By Lucian Mattison

After Burning Down My Hoarder Uncle Mike's House

Poetry By Mark Gosztyla

Emperor Loses at Musical Chairs

Fiction By Elizabeth Chandler


Poetry By Liam Hysjulien

Myth of Trailer Bride Cicada

Poetry By John Sibley Williams

A Dead Boy Fashions the Grand Canyon from His Body,

A Dead Boy Undoes His Mountain

Poetry By Britt Melewski

That's My Green Grass

Fiction By Peter Kispert

Paid Vacation

Poetry By Michelle S. Reed


Poetry By Sarah Marcus

Till Then My Windows Ache

Poetry By Amy Wright


Fiction By Elysha Chang

Red Guts, Smushed Hair. Holes for Eyeballs.

Poetry By Dalton Day

The Geography of Ventricles,

Come July

Poetry By Cate McLaughlin

The List (But Not the Wishes)

Poetry By Nathan Kemp

River, I'm Sorry to Be on You

Fiction By Emma Bushnell

How to Build a Better Fort

Poetry By Lisa Mecham

At the Foot of the Unmade Bed,


Poetry By Raymond Farr

The Image Is Sustained Glass,

A Rampaging Love Song of Crazy Indifference

Poetry By Sarah Sala

Twin Moons

Fiction By Vincent Poturica


Poetry By Robert Balun

"we can't see the neighbors",

"this is a good pill"

Poetry By Brian Trimboli

A Horse with Sad Eyes

Poetry By Liza Charlesworth



Fiction By Clare Needham


Poetry By Lindsey Webb

A Flexible Grasp

Poetry By Leon Hedstrom

Walked two moons and then gave up

Poetry By Amy Dickinson

Sea Ice, Stage One

Nonfiction By Erika Anderson

Geneva Vices

Fiction By Adam Dalva

How to Listen to This

Poetry By Emilia Murphy


Poetry By Matthew Wimberley

Elegy at Dusk

Poetry By Nina Puro

How to Live in Grozny

Nonfiction By Randy Osborne

Natural Science


Poetry By Alex Dryden

Facts About the Blue Whale

Poetry By Ellen Welcker




Poetry By Lauren Clark

Self-Portrait with Selves

Fiction By Eric Thompson

Telegraph Hill

Fiction By Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

Poetic License

Poetry By Jane Loechler

We are like two brothers who plant

Poetry By Elsbeth Pancrazi

After my tastebuds stopped working

Poetry By William Brewer

Remarks on Colour No. 11,

Remarks on Colour No. 6

Fiction By Parker Smith

Stop It, Dad

Poetry By Michelle Chan Brown

Mobile Home

Poetry By Alicia Salvadeo


Poetry By Emily Brandt

A Key Is Tied to Ankle

Fiction By Austin Hayden

The World’s Finest Journalism

Poetry By Kylan Rice


Poetry By Stacey Balkun


Poetry By Doug Fuller


Fiction By C.A. Kaufman


Poetry By Sarah Burgoyne


Fiction By Shannon Rogers


Poetry By Russ Woods

This morning looked like a barrel

Poetry By Jake Levine

Kim Jong Un Looking at Things

Interview with Francisco Goldman

Francisco Goldman: an interview conducted by Sara Ortiz

Poetry By Kim Stoll

Anna Unhumored

Poetry By Jesse Mack

The Origins of the New Park,


Fiction By Katya Apekina

The Topiary

Poetry By Toby Altman

from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)

Fiction By Bobby Fischer

Father's Day

Poetry By Cassandra de Alba

The Beast Deer

Poetry By Katie Byrum

[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]

Fiction By Matthew Wade Jordan

If You Never Get to Mendocino County

Poetry By Jay Deshpande



Poetry By Emily Wilson


Poetry By Troy Jollimore


Fiction By Kirsten Clodfelter


Fiction By Kayla Rae Whitaker

How Sharon Started to Draw

Poetry By Sally J. Johnson

molting menagerie

Fiction By Pablo Piñero Stillmann

Unhappiness, Guanajuato

Poetry By Nick Thran

Run With The Creeps

Poetry By Marc Paltrineri

Sunday Morning Is a Thousand Years Ago,

from Foxglove

Interview with Emily Rapp

Emily Rapp in conversation with Julie Buntin

Poetry By Rodney Gomez


Fiction By Sean Conway

Ms. Tuttlegreen’s Tea Garden

Poetry By Carolyn Supinka

You Will Go to a Place of Rest

Poetry By Kelly Forsythe

The Journal of the Girls,

Neighbor with Insomnia

Poetry By Matthew Rohrer




Fiction By Kate Nacy



Poetry By Michael Bagwell


A Swarm of Flashlights


Poetry By Michael Homolka


To Pain

Fiction By Grant Ginder

A Psychopharmaceutical Guide to Loss

Poetry By Sarah Heffner


What Keeps the Owl Up at Night

Fiction By Amy Scharmann

The Silverfish,

The Men I Have Been Sleeping With,

The Last Good Thing

Poetry By Monica Wendel

The Cat’s Wheel

Poetry By Alina Gregorian


Fiction By Chuck Wachtel

The String

Poetry By Jane Wong

All I want is a locality,

Who needs trust,

Song of route

Fiction By Elizabeth Bevilacqua

A Tessellation

Poetry By Conor Bracken

pre-existing condition

Poetry By Hafizah Geter

Beneath all the hoof prints:

Nonfiction By Emily Rapp

Solving the Body Problem at the Bikini Bar

Poetry By Rodney Nelson


Fiction By Lydia Conklin

Little Criminal,

I am a Goat

Poetry By Sasha Fletcher

this is why we can’t have nice things,

a love story

Fiction By Jon Steinhagen