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Cat Richardson

Cat is a founding editor at Bodega Magazine. Her poems have appeared in Ploughshares, Narrative, Four Way Review, Tin House, and Wreck Park, among others, and her reviews and interviews can be found at Poets & Writers, Pleiades, and The National Book Foundation. She has a website, and sometimes she even updates it.

Follow on Twitter: @ThatCatPerson

Poetry Editors

Lizzie e973c3187342f3c8e66b585519db281402751025dfe4cbf0c53efcf8982c61a3

Lizzie Harris

Lizzie's first collection is STOP WANTING (CSU Poetry Center, 2014). Her poems appear in Carolina Quarterly, Barrow Street, Sixth Finch, and elsewhere.

Follow on Twitter: @HeyLizzieHarris

Amy e4264873643e0d7c7b0d14b2c01d8d5ac805b3b3c6c2e1d148bc13f1f41ccea4

Amy Meng

Amy Meng’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in: Indiana Review, The Journal, The Literary Review, Pleiades, Slice Magazine, and the Sycamore Review, among others. She is a Kundiman Fellow and currently teaches creative writing at Rutgers University. 

Follow on Twitter: @amymeng_

Prose Editor

Melissa ecd9a8fcd8359ec53bb0997c1e117f11d5f9110551a1d128c2946445f194b0c5

Melissa Swantkowski

Melissa's work appears in Joyland, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, The Mississippi Review, Monkeybicycle, and elsewhere. Previously, she was fiction editor of Washington Square Review and co-curator of NYU's Emerging Writers Reading Series at KGB Bar. 

Follow on Twitter: @kowswan

Web Developer

Loren b467a6b617f9db4e80969cc67323eab477fabd0e1425ae7d52b28bc27da93989

Loren Rogers

Loren is a Californian turned New Yorker. He currently works at EMC as a user experience designer.

Editor at Large

Emily 596cdb31886737cb6cc2aece42d8924283adb6a07760d7137bbda40e786a9184

Emily X.R. Pan

Emily is the New York Times bestselling author of The Astonishing Color of After. During her MFA at NYU she was a Goldwater Writing Fellow and editor-in-chief of Washington Square Review. She was the founding editor-in-chief of Bodega, a 2017 Artist-in-Residence at Djerassi, and is co-creator of FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology.

Follow on Twitter: @exrpan

Assistant Editors

Amy Moore, fiction


Ben Sabin
Brady Huggett
Miranda Holmqvist
Courtney Brodie
Montana Rogers
Esteban Uribe