Einstein says, there is no end
to the universe

In the rain, you dissolve
into the 39th page of love

On the 39th page in any book
I see your face

Grow outward like ivy
on a dead horse

In the beginning when nothing
was nothing, a violin as you

Rang through dark matter in ultra
violet light perfumed by 1,000

Decibels of wild lilies strangling
the universe until the universe bangs

After millions of years, you lift
a lid & inside the lid is a dead

Horse’s heart & you replace it
for yours

In a jar I find your old heart
beating as loud the speed of light

I drizzle oil, dig deep & bite
until the universe is meaningless

Until my body lights up
like an oil lamp going out

Until our dead rise by artificial
gravity until your nothing

Becomes a universe within
a something & the grass

Radiates green & the heart
I ate clumsily

Is everything we are
despite the universe