for Dorothea Lasky

But we don’t have forests.

And after the evening news we foraged the storm.

Are you a mountain?

I am a flag for a ship.

Do you have acorns for the parade?

I have something like a store, but it’s not a store—

Let’s suppose you bring the mall home.

Are you suggesting we acre through the mailroom?

There’s this kind of storm in my head about the ship.

Use footnotes to precede the explanation.

There’s this ship.


There’s this acre in the ship.

There’s this kind of happy in my head about the flag.

And on this acre is a basket of typewriters.

Do you need them?

I need the smell of marigolds.

There’s twenty bushels out back.

I’ve never noticed the green on your shoulder.

That’s when the marigolds revolted.

Should we talk to them?

We should paint the ship with leaves.