i carry the drunken boy

north on nostrand

the night is like a dog's tongue

a cloud of chinese food

splits for us

and the constant refrain

what about the vibes?

the vibes are ok i say

pointing to a shadowed church

the vibes over there i don't know

yeah man turn up your vibes

we roll up the pavement a rat king

of arms ready to fight

sink into plastic seats

designed for backs but not ours

coast east then north again

yell thanks exiting onto

real hard ground

are propelled into a deli

for ham and swiss

heroes and arizona iced tea

the only ethical drink is a dollar

these vibes are like

he says a journey

to the end of the night

in the street again

i promise to fight the first

mother fucker rooting for red sox

fuck boston man

the night turns to frogs

and i am alone