After impact

the world is a world

of things.

Following contro-

verse is a preposition

locating bone.


time is the great argument

among scholars.

On which

wreck is ours and can it be

blamed for extinction.


the tree is the crash and the car and

us, what’s left.


teeth in the bark of

a concerned explosion.

Nearby someone

to collect the confused

clutter of our bones.


femur into hip socket into

hip socket into superior spine.

Bend Cuvier’s

law in the way our bodies once

fit together, together.

Between us our

skeleton is a giant, double

breasted and two headed.

Turn and

wonder is this creature

some new genus.

Within this

reproduction, a noun

that our remains render.


the museum, our skeleton


Among the

largest animals is the animal

of our bones combined.