Surviving you isn’t about instinct, not a natural reflex.
My fence missing. Our X long gone.
I should have taken my vitamins for this.
Here comes Wednesday dressed as a Monday.  

Cling to the tree-line.
The answer in pitched tents.          
The question at night. A truth is:
Even your sailboat knows it’s sinking. 

We’re naked from the waist up, 

but Daniel   our mistakes are much bigger than this.
I’m in a mud pit and you’re in the neighbor’s pool.
My exit plan in shambles.
           Your peaches clearly no longer canned.

My dilemma is      when you blow me a kiss
           you’re still passing by. 

Eventually the lake will get tired of the rain. 

Dacota,        if you come across dust storms you’re almost there.
If a bear’s on the path try to stay still.
If a man calls you honey shoot him.
And maybe all this time the door was unlocked.