but the grotesque is everywhere.

Did you ever think of all the pain

that went into making light?

All those cows 

and a whole day’s wages 

—for what? 

10 minutes of molten tallow?

The lowest face in a deck

of cards,    

a tree mistaken,

Dr. Zizmor’s subway ads,

misfits & mistrials, 

calloused skin, 

the manipulative tongue    

—its pink-blue underside.

Anything about the body, really:

farm the fat

live in the city 

and just look out the window.

Every living thing breathing

on another

being ground to dust

by the minute.

And if you don’t believe me

go on Wikipedia.

Read the latest whitepaper.

Look back through the window

at the globe canvassed

in a blue glow      and bowed 

as in prayer. 

Watch as it works

in the cave       is of the cave

Watch as the bed ignites

draped in a thousand pink and 

white lights.