tasted whale today,

baby eyelid thin

red beet legal here

still, the immensity

of the question

/ /

the houses all

squared with windows

and each lighted

with a glass globe

you marvel, then he

dims: no, to pierce the fog

to guide an iced eye

home or harbor or

living is so much less

wonderful than feeling

/ /

black stones sip

a moan of milk

and mother blushes

this, an arctic day

/ /

which is the secret

-keeper: water or land?

heart emojis by wind

/ /

we went of the faith

consecrated the ground

moon boots and tripod

and waited for the ascension

/ /

what comes green

does not stay

what teases



/ /

she is neither she

though her name dawns

nor it, being a body

that visits, dances,

and dies

nor he, even if my father

appeared kissing my forehead

goodnight, and I laughed

from the howl of loss,

I could not stop

watching that dance

/ /

the sun in the sac

of its own eye

so much darkness

as to inflame hope

/ /

audible light to the sami

chanting gods to end a row

the dead in greenland

knocking at the door

to greeks: jumping goats

heaven’s hounds in japan

my awe like every other

seeks to metaphor and mine

/ /

the northernmost


the novelty

of writing home

/ /

bald spot to sea

the most luminous light

being the screen dark

71º to spectate my own breath