i’m burning up in the dark but can’t take the dark off
bodiless nights fragment and drape, kingdom-

of-shawl, muscle flexed with what others forgot

the machine of the world, a hunger slouched toward half-full at best

please spare me—i didn’t mean to be this kind of animal

the world outside is asking so i swallow each golden dull

of other people’s need and i love you and i can’t stop consoling you

did i do it right? when i needle a little steady to my lapel, if i pin

the this is not me version of me, all that binds is still just wish

thirst, a pool of stars before they grip

how do i unthread the threats? a body laced, counting commas

of what, i’ve said, of what, i’ve failed, of what, i’ve failed to say

i can count on ahead of here i won’t be any kind of breathing

and neither will you—skull-spiral, bright-breath, spare me, still

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