Finally, I think, 

I will never run off 

into the distance 

alone again. 

I thank the wall 

(my hand touching it 

at chest level) 

for keeping me 

in suspense about 

the courtyard 

and parked cars.   

The future is a room 

that I escape to 

when I am resigned 

to suffer, and soon 

I will reawaken inside. 

No Jon, not forever.

The sun has a specific 

incidence tonight. 

As it sets, the effect 

gets stronger in the trees 

and the branches 

come to move as though 

my thoughts 

give sentience 

to stationary things. 

Each set of keys 

from my past: 

they return to me 

as it grows dark. 

I turn them, and 

the box fills with water.

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Powered by Froala Editor