(already cracked open with debris)


(flatness the morning the bonebed—

I remember touching him

too much in the silverchest of night)


(a bakery of Christians

shake their heads where they serve

acid espresso, they would like to refuse me

my slice of cake)


(hemisphere of the last lover

where women spoke

soft languages sometimes

at night my words don’t reach—)


(I can't find his blue glass green

glass through the balconies

open mouth, teeth)


(the refractions! this place

could be the inside of a diamond)


(parrots & toucans. Toucans & passerines.

he teaches me the names of them.)


(floods, the fruits that are small at home

are huge eyes opened

whose is this best climate)


(the desire to be desired

has almost nothing

to do with it)


(the laws prevent

two buildings too close together

at least one must let in light—)


(I can’t find the lightshow

he made in the lobby—no wonder

my heart’s in another heart’s teeth)


(shaking down the sweet bananas

in the dogyard we go

to see the amazing trees)

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