One day you may be asked,

if God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good,

then why is there evil in the world?

Then, someone may add that, as a child,

you do not realize you are also watching

your parents grow up with you. Outside,

the slow shadow of evening turns on the city lights

in one swift motion, as you consider

whether nothing is the absence

of being, or another form of being

we cannot see. You will enter

a linoleum restaurant with plaid chairs,

the customers pretending to read the menu.

Do they see the same colors that you see,

or is what they call red, you call blue?

The waitress makes dream circles

with a wet dish rag. Because of this motion,

the table is dry, which leaves you to wonder

if water itself is wet. She approaches your table

with her pad of thin paper and worn out pen,

to ask what you want. How do you know

what you want, when there is so much desire

in this world? Do you want tuna on toast

or do you want to want it? Maybe

you shouldn’t have taken that philosophy class.

Maybe you should close your eyes, and order

the first thing your finger lands on.

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