In intimate circumstances,
                                in the lavish discotheque

pure and ecstatic

I will be born again at noon.

you are a liar and a thief               I was pleased by
                this. I tell you about
the flesh and what time does to it.

here, psychiatric treatment is not a matter of
putting pills in someone’s mouth

it is art, is pornography
               it comes to you.

Oh wow. Oh, the gurgle and moan                                here have
the heart…my big fat heart.

Because I am interested in the human body. It excites me.

I would take you into a freezer in the meat market and hang you
on the hook like a lamb.

My galactic butterfly, you spin
sunlight into electricity, to emit a soft violet blast.

Honey I love you, I would cut you up one piece at a time.

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