after Alejandra Pizarnik

Why the great silence

I scream at the cattle

turning their circles

in the field of asters

Why the great silence

moo for me my mournful

choir I demand the mooing

asters sticking up

between my toes

and now I am climbing

a tall aster to the sun why

the great silence the aster

grows from under

my solitude so thin so thin

the cattle watching

they say nothing the cattle

eating asters passing grief

from one stomach to the other

like a fad between

generations hand over hand

I go up the aster

with my stolen milk from one

great silence to the next

like an aster between

the stomachs of a cow

and arriving at the great silence

I am welcomed

not as a friend but as

a double over the cattle

over the asters over

the field of all my failed little songs

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