or Terminator 2 Is the Better Movie

          I. Sarah Connor

“Like being born, maybe.”
“Look, the dream's the same.”
“Children:” “burnt paper,” “not moving.”
“The wave hits
and they fly apart like leaves.”
“Not a dream, you moron.”
“It's real.” “A highway at night.”
“It happens.”
[panicked hysterical rage]
“You think you're alive.” “But nothing
dead will go.” “I know
it happens.” “Everything you see,”
“a dream.”

          II. T-800, Cyberdyne Systems Model 101

I have some vague understanding
of liquid and metal. I know now
why you cry. You feel better. Clearer.
You found a big truck. A useful tool
for plowing through buildings and men.
You see a girl in your dreams.
Sitting by the ocean. Climbing a tree.
Band-Aids on her knees.
Her back is always turned to you.
You are trying to get to her.
You are running through the trees.
You say, “Don’t open the door
to anyone but me.”

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