focusing on the destination,

turning one way
               then the other,
               turning and turning

               back, losing the antecedents before
I find the descendants,

               as far as the destination is concerned
nothing’s keeping it where it is,

                                                            not as far as I can see.

               The problem is
I have a problem focusing

                                                      on everything that’s happening,

               and every time it happens,

               and the time after that,
I often think I need to concentrate

                              when I’m already thinking about something else,

               lifting my head
and letting it drop down,
                                                  like a kind of call and response,

have you noticed the way there’s often more to say
               about something that’s less interesting?

               Putting in my earbuds
               and listening to Smashing
Pumpkins’ Destination Unknown,

               humming with my mouth closed,

as for the destination
               it’s not staying in the same place

                                                                                   as far as I can see,

               like a map that’s not even unfolded
in the first place,

it’s a problem when the antecedents disappear

               before the descendants
                                                            start to arrive,

it’s not a problem that’s improving for instance,

               one problem is
I take my problems with me

               as long as I’m focusing,

                                                            like a sensitive load I can’t put down,

               when I don’t know
               where I’m going
I tell myself I’m somewhere else

               to see if I’m wrong,

               the problem is I’m almost always wrong.

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