A Blue Whale was once a moon that fell to earth, luckily

it landed in the ocean.

Some of its blood vessels are wide enough

to swim down;

its heart is larger than my desk and were I to sit there

it would feel like writing

in the middle of a red hurricane. Blue Whales can communicate

from opposite sides of the Pacific. Blue Whales

write epic poetry and call one another by name.

There are more than 100,000 pieces of the Blue Whale’s

lexicon. They never rest. Their eyes are only the size

of a cup of tea, their ears no bigger than a pencil’s tip.

You can discover the age of a Blue Whale by counting the rings

of its waxy earplugs.

Giraffes sleep only half an hour a day

in five minute naps, resting their heads on their backs

Luna 1, the first satellite sent to the moon,

missed and now circles the sun between Mars and Earth

Winston Churchill slept slightly longer than a giraffe

and wrote in 1947 “I am very shy of painting human faces”

which was published in an essay called “The Dream” a year after his death.

Sea turtles synchronize their egg laying with cycles of the moon

so their progeny are closer to the water.

When it missed the moon, Luna 1 was renamed Mechta, “Dream.”

A quarter of the world’s population lives near an ocean.

Since the extinction of the dinosaurs the earth has circumnavigated

the Milky Way. Since it fell, Mechta has circled the Sun

nearly 44 times. Sixty percent of the earth’s surface is Ocean

more than a mile deep. Swimming around a supermassive black hole.

While painting a photograph of his father, he placed it at right angle

to a mirror, so he could see it in reverse.

The pupil of the human eye

can increase by 100 times and appears black because the tissue

behind it absorbs all light.

It takes a giraffe about a week to have 44 dreams.

From this stereovision, Churchill’s father appeared to him

sitting on the couch. He asked what year it was. Asked if that was still

of the Christian era. “Yes,” Churchill responded, “That all still goes on.

At least, they still count that way.”

The volume of the universe is fully one third larger

than it was when the Earth was formed. The Deep Pacific Sleeper Shark

will sleep for months to conserve energy, waiting for carrion

to drift more than a mile down and wake it.  The volume of the universe

was once equal  to the volume of Mechta, or close enough.

As the sun uses up its fuel it will expand more than eight

million times its current volume. “Does the Monarchy go on?” he asked

It will melt the water on Mars.

As I listened to you unfold these fearful facts, Europe is in ruin

Solar wind will blow Mechta 

into one of these new oceans, if it’s lucky

The chair was empty

and perhaps Mechta will fall through

the eye of a red hurricane,

dilated more than a mile wide

and fixed on the home of Winston Churchill.