Greetings, dear readers! We’re thrilled to present our first ever Bodega Broadside. It seems only fitting that its premiere would feature Anne Carson, a poet who is perpetually reinventing the shape of things. Of her newest release, Carson writes:

“Some years ago I wrote a book about a boy named Geryon who was red and had wings and fell in love with Herakles. Recently I began to wonder what happened to them in later life. Red Doc> continues their adventures in a very different style and with changed names.

To live past the end of your myth is a perilous thing.”

So, without further ado, please enjoy this sneak peek of Red Doc>, available on March 5th, from Knopf.

All best,

Bodega Staff


we enter we tell you

we are the Wife of Brain

at this point you have little grounds to complain we say

a red man unfolding his wings is how it begins then the lights

come on or go off or the stage

spins it’s like a play omnes

to their places



the following faces

the red one (G)

you already know (what’s he done to his hair) his old friend Sad

But Great

looks kind beware

third Ida Ida is limitless and will soon be our king

scene is

a little red hut where G lives alone



Anne Carson was born in Canada and teaches ancient Greek for a living.

Bodega Broadsides is a digital broadside series which aims to feature single pieces of work we feel are exceptional. These broadsides are available on our website and also as a PDF, so feel free to print them on some high quality paper and hang them on your walls. We plan to publish these occasionally -- no more than three times per year.