a soft fleshy brick like a folded rabbit with bumpers
and of course the room outside is blue because it’s inside 

doves begin their lectures simultaneously
and the notes gather to migrate with sullen alacrity 

treacle attests to the questionable stem
of the body lounging about beneath the head 

not a single body part remains unattached and the eyes
can be thought of as something more than entrance 

leading to organs full of tender canopies refusing to share a drop
a strategy for replacing their uniforms with local suspenders 

and the flightless birds wend and decline on leg-sticks
the ancient trees of their landing exhibiting bare and sympathetic limbs

but the rise and fall of a spectacular life demands staging
let the sun do it and distribute your contribution freely 

keep imagination from mounting the goats
where sometimes the landscape is missing 

allow a river of candled eggs bobbing and browned
because there’s a hole in that hole still shining still eating